Fairmont St Andrews

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Terms and Conditions

As the hirer of the equipment annotated above, I hereby agree to accept all responsibility for the safe operation and return of all of the equipment I have rented. I also accept full responsibility or any insurance claims for any damage to these items or injury caused to any person(s) including myself. I also agree to pay the full retail replacement cost for any hire item lost or damaged while in my possession for the duration of the rental. The consumption of alcohol and/ or the improper use of drugs is not permitted when using the ride on buggy. Fairmont St Andrews are not held responsible for any damage or injury to equipment or person (s) if the golfer is under the influence of alcohol or drug use. Golfers purchasing alcohol directly from Fairmont St Andrews do so at their own risk, Fairmont St Andrews do not take any responsibilty for golfers actions after purchasing alcohol from Fairmont St Andrews.


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